Mittwoch, 8. Mai 2013

there's no place we couldn't go

Things I Love; 
falling asleep to the sound of rain, forehead kisses, getting lost in a good book, warm fresh smelling clothes from the dryer, finding a good song that describes your current situation, seeing your favorite band live, finding someone who gives you butterflies, seeing the sun after a long day of rain, catching your favorite movie on t.v., having your ipod shuffle to a song you've forgotten about, getting letters in the mail, an ice cold cup of water when you're thirsty, a toasty cup of tea when its cold out, sleeping in, when strangers smile at you, the transition from winter to spring ♥


  1. :O Bin gerade sprachlos! Besonders das rechte ist ja mal sooooooo schön!

  2. Ach ist dein ein süßes Foto!!!


Ich freue mich über jeden neuen Kürbis. Egal ob groß oder klein. ♥